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A Deep Dive with Jayna Baas

Tell us about your book, Preacher on the Run. What was the spark that got you interested in writing it?

I’ve always loved the Revolutionary War era, and I love stories of Christian men and women doing daring things. I also love history that is perhaps not as well known as some other aspects of the War for Independence. The Regulator Uprising was the perfect setting for that kind of story—full of fascinating history, daring action, and deep biblical faith.

Who do you think would enjoy this book?

Anyone who enjoys strong Christian elements combined with engaging characters and American history would probably love Preacher on the Run. It’s an exploration of how faith and courage intersect with America’s founding.

You’re an editor, I see. You wear many hats. How does editing help your writing and vice versa?

The training I’ve received as an editor has helped me better understand some of the principles of good writing, especially in structural areas. On the flip side, being a writer helps me understand my clients’ perspective and share my own experience to benefit them. It’s not all good, though—sometimes it’s really hard to turn off my internal editor while I’m working on a rough draft.

Any hobbies / family pics / dogs or cats???

Gardening and cooking are two of my few hobbies that don’t involve books! Our family cat, Mitzi, loves to help me write. Her favorite way of helping is to lie down on my notebooks and keep them from flying away while I’m writing in them, although she also likes to rub her chin on my laptop and remind me that it really belongs to her.

Finally, any advice for writers?

Good writing grows out of good reading, so devour and analyze books in the genres and styles you want to write. (Reading Davis Bunn, Jeff Shaara, Laura Frantz, and Louis L’Amour has influenced my own writing.) Become a student of the craft. Work with an editor. And above all, in the words of Winston Churchill, never, never, never give up.

Great advice!


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