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Copyediting Services

Christian copyediting services

Does your paper or essay need proofreading? Or is your project a full-length book? I can help you. I'm a bit like that English teacher with a red pen you loved to hate -- but also a bit like a coach. I want you to excel.

​Here is what I do. First, I perform a free sample edit: 10% of your project or 3,000 words, whichever is less. Then, I'll return it with a recommendation as to whether you need a developmental edit or a copyedit. I can quote a price at that time based on word count and how much work I have to do.

​I will hunt down mistakes such as peel vs. peal. I'll suggest an alternate word if the one you are using is inappropriate or just plain fuzzy. I will even suggest ways to rewrite awkward sentences to make them flow better. I also include suggestions about flow of thought or character development in fiction. My rates depend on what is needed.

​I specialize in fiction with historical or scientific content, but I can edit other genres (with just a few exceptions). 

​To see if I am a good fit for your needs, please contact me by phone, email or contact info found on the bottom of my home page.


Light Copyedit: $0.008 per word ($24 minimum for 3,000 words or fewer).

Heavy Copyedit: $0.012 per word ($48 minimum for 4,000 words or fewer).

For story structure issues, I can refer you to a developmental editor. I do offer a critique for

$0.006 per word. If I do a copyedit I will make comments on small problems. 

Standalone proofread: $0.004 per word

NEW! Discount formatting service using Vellum software. $25 and up.

Invoicing will be done through PayPal. Payment must be received before I return your file (contact me for payment plans or alternative means of payment). Comments are made in the margin and no changes will be made to your work; you are responsible for all changes and for final content. However, if there is any question about my suggestions, please feel free to ask for explanations.

Editorial Standards

The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition

The Christian Writer's Manual of Style 4th ed. by Robert Hudson

Merriam-Webster dictionary, current edition online


I have a rough draft, but I don't have much money for editing.

Join a writers' group, like ACFW. By swapping critiques, you'll get a head start on the rewriting process. Find some good self-editing books, such as Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King. Strunk and White's The Elements of Style is great for sprucing up your prose. The ACFW website contains a page with a list of great writing resources. Also, it's a good investment to get a critique, which diagnoses big-picture problems. Sometimes a good beta-reader will find many of your grammar flubs. A final proofread is essential if you are self-publishing. Ask me for a free sample edit--it will help you know what you need.

What is a critique?

A critique looks at the elements of your story: characters, story arc, point of view, and dialogue. Are there plot holes? Are your characters fleshed out? Do they have an obvious goal and problem? A critique serves the same function as a substantive ("content") edit, only it's less rigorous--and much cheaper. It needs to be done before worrying about commas.

Christian proofreading and editing services testimonials

"I'm extremely pleased with Lynne's work on my novels and highly recommend her editorial services. Her edits were spot-on, and her historical insight has been indispensable. My novels are now the polished, professional work I was hoping to end with, and I'm very glad to have found her. She was able to change sentences without changing the meaning or taking away from the story. On the contrary, many of her changes and suggestions improved the overall outcome of the sentences and paragraphs. I have worked with other editors who have a heavy hand and insert their own voice over that of the author's. This was simply not the case with Lynne. She has a much more delicate touch; she can correct without taking over. My voice, my story, remains exactly that. Not only did Lynne dive, in-depth, into my books, correcting punctuation and grammatical errors, but she also helped me build and develop a few of the key characters. She truly cares about her work, and it reflects in the thoughtful way she offers ideas and suggestions. She was always prompt with her responses and always took tghe time to correspond back and forth if I ever had questions or concerns. I truly enjoyed working with Lynne and can only say that I hope to continue in the future! Thank you, Lynne Tagawa!"

                                                                                     ~Lauren M. Ludwig, author of Blackbird of Willow Creek

                                                                                        and The Blackbird's Cry

"Thank you so much for the many thoughtful comments and suggestions. It is interesting to "see" my manuscript from another perspective (too many coincidences!), and I am certain that it will be stronger when I incorporate the changes which you made in the text.  You went above and beyond, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."


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