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Writing an easy-peasy review

Readers tell me how much they love my books but have doubts about writing a review. And I get it!

Composing something coherent when the swirl of plot and characters forms a confusing amalgam in your head is daunting. It's like getting an essay assignment in literature class. Ugh!

Let's make it simple. Think about who's going to read your review--another potential reader. Then, remember that you don't have to reproduce the basic plot. That's been done on the back of the book (normally posted on Amazon and other review sites).

Choose one or two things you liked about the story. Let's say I read Pride and Prejudice. "I loved the setting. But most of all, I loved the character of Elizabeth Bennet!"

I know that sounds vague. But it communicates a lot. It tells the reader that P&P is a character-driven story.

Here's another angle. Start your review this way: "If you like 19th century clean romance with complex characters, read this!"

For Christian fiction, you might mention something about the spiritual content: "This story weaves in biblical content in a natural way."

How did the story leave you feeling? "This story is uplifting. Highly recommended!"

Or, consider who might--or might not--enjoy this book. "If you like Pride & Prejudice you will like this." Or, "This book is wholesome enough for teens."

Yes, these reviews are short. But they are easy-peasy!


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